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Action Plan May 2020
The UN System and the World post Covid-19

Georgios Kostakos, Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability

In April 2020 FOGGS convened two brainstorming sessions on the UN system’s performance in response to the COVID-19 global emergency and the steps that could be taken to strengthen the system in the future so that it can be more helpful to the global community. The online sessions were held under the Chatham House Rule. Participants spanned 15 time zones and included former international civil servants, academics and practitioners. This Action Plan was produced after the second brainstorming and follows on the steps of the Discussion Paper entitled “The United Nations and the COVID-19 Global Emergency” that resulted from the first brainstorming. Both papers, which should be read in conjunction, are part of a series of consultations held and papers produced under the UN2100 (UN to 100) Initiative of FOGGS, which aims to promote innovative and practical ideas towards a modern, more effective, ethical and people-centered United Nations.

Pictures of last event

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