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Sustainability Valuation of Business

Yonghyup Oh
  • Proposes a new approach towards integrating corporate environmental
  • responsibility into the valuation of a firm
  • Presents an innovative path for firms and policy makers to work together for
  • sustainable development
  • Adjusts some of the most fundamental concepts in corporate finance and
  • financial markets
  • Invites the reader to apply the concept to their own cases

This book discusses the concept of sustainability valuation, a method in which corporate social responsibility (CSR) among other factors is embedded in the cash value of a given firm. It proposes a new, holistic way of representing sustainability in a theoretical framework, and discusses the role of policy in determining a firm’s cash value. Moreover, it addresses the method’s potential, the challenges involved in its practical application, and how it can be adapted to specific cases. By shaking up the field of firm valuation in an era characterized by global sustainable development, the book makes a valuable contribution to the available literature on finance, sustainability science, and policymaking.

Series: SpringerBriefs in Finance

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