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Shapership: The Art of Shaping the Future

Aline Frankfort CoR-EU Full member

Shapership is the Art of Shaping new Realities, opening new paths to the Future and bringing new “shapes” to Society. It is neither Leadership, nor Entrepreneurship. It is a capacity anyone anywhere in the world possesses, as soon as he/she poses a fresh look at “Reality as it is” and at “Reality as it could be”.

It is based on a fundamental attitude and aptitude to “see” what is possible, beyond “what is”.

Why this new concept? Because the world needs new Shapes. We will not solve 21st century issues with 20th century ways of thinking and acting. The fact is, in today’s interconnected world, you no longer have to hold a Leadership title to take a stand, do something important, and make an impact on society.

Three fundamental elements lie at the core of the Shapers Mindset: Creative Resistance (the big NO), a Transformative Vision (the big YES) and Anticipative Experimentation (the Creative HOW).

The approach we introduce in this book can be an inspiration to anyone – regardless of origin, gender, color, educational level, status, domain of expertise, - to become a Shaper of the Future or to add certain dimensions of Shapership to their current existence.

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