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Limits to Growth - The 30 Year Update

Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers, Dennis Meadows

by Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers, Dennis Meadows

In 1972 “The Limits to Growth” shocked the world. The authors looked into the future and sounded an alarm, for the first time showing the consequences of unchecked growth on a finite planet. Their book gained worldwide attention and became the cornerstone of a global debate on how to achieve a sustainable future.

The 30-Year Update brings data on overshoot and global ecological collapse to the present moment. It provides a short course in the World3 computer model, types of growth, and the various kinds of overshoot likely to occur in the current century. While it remains to be seen whether public policy will respond effectively and in time to problems such as climate change, this book makes a compelling case for the vital need for a Sustainability Revolution.

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