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Bernard Mazijn, Club of Rome – EU Chapter

After the sometimes controversy on slogans over the documentary ‘Planet of the Humans’, the main aim of the full text (in Dutch) of Bernard Mazijn is to return to the essence of what the debate should be: put the issue of renewable energy in a broader context, observe with open mind what is going on, try to see the connections with other problems and then formulate - after analysis - proposals for solution(s).
The medium of a documentary is necessarily limited. Criticisms can be made on certain points in the film. However Bernard Mazijn does not agree with many criticisms on the documentary concerning renewable energy: the cheap price, the huge potential, the ’green’ electric car, the recycling of solar panels and wind turbines, the solution of CCS / U, the available land area, etc. These are ’hooray’ messages that in fact fit perfectly within the framework of the current economic system focused on growth, global structural inequality and neoliberal capitalism whose ideology is only short term.
He recalls that he is in favor of a just transition towards the sustainable development of our society, in which we control demand in terms of energy and make supply more sustainable (and until further notice without nuclear energy). Directions of solutions have been formulated for some time to deal with the problems in this regard. In fact, he would expect the critics of the documentary (sometimes even without seeing them) to take an activism to do what we stand for together and thus openly face any issues. Apparently, people prefer to stick their heads in the sand. He invites you to read the full version in Dutch or its summary in English (just click here-under or on the right of this page).

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