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About us

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter (CoR-EU) aims to impact European decision-making in pursuit of the vision of the Club of Rome for more peaceful and sustainable societies that respect Planetary Limits. The CoR-EU is an independent non-profit association, registered under Belgian law, affiliated with the Club of Rome.

To this end, the CoR-EU :
1. analyses the root causes of the most pressing socio-environmental challenges with a scientific approach that incorporates a global, holistic, and long-term perspective
2. advocates for the most promising policies at the European Union level, engaging key decision-makers in the public and private sectors as well as in civil society and academia
3. connects the Club of Rome and its National Chapters with institutions of the European Union, and mobilises their as well as its own members.
4. convenes actors from all sectors of society in a multi-stakeholder forum to identify catalytic political, social, and technological pathways towards the achievement of the vision of the Club of Rome.

Full members are individuals with high ethical standards and professional ability, with well-established reputations in their activities, acting in a personal capacity. They subscribe to the goals of the association and are active in the Brussels region – whether with the European institutions, with Brussels-based international organisations or in Belgian society. They are nominated for election to the Board of Directors by two patrons, both Full members. They pay an annual fee of 125 € and have voting rights at the General Meeting.
Associate members are individuals who are interested in the association’s work and willing to support it. They can apply spontaneously or be nominated by a Full member. After a probation period they can be elected Full member. They are admitted by the Board of Directors and pay an annual fee of 60 € (30 € for students or jobless).
Other member categories are: Honorary members, Corresponding members and Institutional members. For full details, please ask for the Association statutes at

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