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THE AURELIO PECCEI LECTURES & DIALOGUES- Enquiries on the Challenges of the 21st Century 101st LECTURE
What about sustainability in the EU coalition 2019-2024?

Tuesday 25 June 2019
at 12h30
by Geneviève Pons
Past event 101st LECTURE

What about sustainability in the EU coalition 2019-2024?

Geneviève Pons,
Director Brussels Office, Jacques Delors Institute,

In the light of the results of the European elections on 26 May this lecture and debate were of particular interest.

The conclusions of IPCC and IPBES reports have triggered the attention of a large part of the European political spectrum towards the climate and biodiversity emergencies. They have also raised major concerns for the European citizens’ regarding the viability of our economic and social models. The integration of Greens MEP in the 2019-2024 coalition and the unprecedented ecological commitments made by the EPP, S&D and ALDE groups lead us to think that “Sustainability for all Europeans” could be the very first pillar of this European “Koalitionsvertrag”.

Inspired by the spirit of sustainable development, this first chapter could be the cement of the whole political agenda of the future coalition, including democratization efforts, social justice, and transition from linear to circular economy through research and innovation.

The “Sustainability for all Europeans” chapter could be built upon three objectives: achieving the transition to a circular and carbon neutral economy (1), preserving biodiversity and transforming our agricultural model (2) and making the EU the world’s leader on oceans protection (3).

The presentation of Geneviève Pons is herewith attached.

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