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The Power of Law : Making companies accountable

by Steven Donziger, Peter De Smedt & Sophie Yule-Bennett


Tuesday 17 November 2016
from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (CET)

Thon Hotel, Rue d’Arlon 81-1000 Brussels.

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The Power of Law

Making companies accountable

How can the law be used in favour of corporate accountability and environmental justice? How can victims of industrial pollution get compensation?
Three senior environmental lawyers with a proven track record in corporate accountability will share key insights over drinks and canapés.

Keynote 1: Marie-Laure Guislain
As Head of Litigation for French legal association Sherpa’s ’Globalisation and Human Rights Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ programme, MarieLaure Guislain works on litigation concerning various environmental crimes by transnational companies. She will expose the Chevron case in the Ecuadorian Amazon in relation to access to justice and CSR international instruments.

Keynote 2: Peter De Smedt
A 2016 verdict by the Constitutional Court of Belgium opened the door to make polluters pay a lot more than the symbolic euro for damage to the environment.
Belgian lawyer Peter De Smedt, who won a case at the Constitutional Court, will explain how the prevailing practice of only paying the symbolic euro hurts the environment and what the implications of this jurisprudence are.

Keynote 3: Maria Kleis-Walravens
Maria Kleis-Walravens is Project Leader of the EU Group Climate and Energy at ClientEarth. Maria works actively to achieve a EU state aid framework which effectively stops Member State funding of activities that are harmful to the environment and hinder the achievement of a clean, low-carbon and sustainable energy market. Maria will provide concrete examples which show how state aid rules can be used to achieve a better climate.


Donations from this event go to Ecuadorean lawyers who are defending the local communities in Ecuador who still suffer from Chevron’s legacy. If you are not able to participate, you can also make a gift or buy a piece of art.

Organised by:
European Environmental Bureau: the largest federation of environmental NGOs in Europe
Partners:The crowd versus: a non-profit platform for crowdfunding for environmental justice campaigns
The Club of Rome EU-Chapter: a global think tank on the future of humanity
For questions: / 0485 457373
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