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Web-Conference series - Second conference
Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability

by A series of web-conferences organized by the Club of Rome-EU Chapter, in collaboration with EIRMA with the participation of JEE

Web-Conference series

Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability

Concrete solutions to achieve the transition to sustainability right here, right now.

A series of web-conferences organized by the Club of Rome-EU Chapter, in collaboration with EIRMA with the participation of JEE

Second conference: “Financing Sustainability
9 November 2021 from 12:00 to 14:0CET

What is the role and importance of finance in the development and adoption of innovation and thereby - in the achievement of EU Green Deal’s sustainability goals? What is the role of the various stakeholders – from government to industry to education to the civil society – in shaping the ecosystem? How far and how effectively can incentives, incentives shift, taxation and sanctions drive a faster path to innovation? Can private investment, and venture capital, as well as private financial institutions boost responsible innovation? How to do it? What are the barriers and opportunities to look for?


  • Hosted by Cristina Vicini-Rademacher (Vice-President, Club of Rome - EU Chapter) 

  • Moderated by Anne Goldberg (Task Force Responsible Innovation, EIRMA & Full Member, Club of Rome EU-Chapter)


  • Thomas Van Craen, Managing Director (Triodos Bank)

  • Anne Snick, Researcher in Responsible R&I, Fellow (World Academy of Art & Science), Associate member (Club of Rome)

  • René Cotting, CFO (SmartEnergy Group, EX CFO ABB)

  • Rita Antunes, Secretary General & Head of Public Affairs (Junior Enterprises Europe)


- FREE for Club of Rome members (all chapters), but REGISTRATION MANDATORY (click here)

- For non members: Event fees: €30
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About the Series

Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability® is a new series of web-conferences created and curated by Cristina Vicini-Rademacher, Vice President of the Club of Rome – EU Chapter, and hosted quarterly in collaboration with EIRMA, the European Industrial Research Management Association, and with the participation of JEE, Junior Enterprises Europe Association. 

The series aims at stimulating the multi-stakeholders dialogue to inspire co-creation, identify the challenges and highlight concrete joint solutions, disruptors, and catalysts in view of accelerating our transition to sustainability.

Each web-conference brings together decision makers from different sectors in the economy, from the youth, and from our international members’ communities.

In the best tradition of the Club of Rome – EU Chapter, sustainability is addressed from a systemic angle (technological, societal, financial, ethical, industrial, policy and governance-related, etc.), exploring where and how Europe’s Green Deal’s goals could be reached much faster. 

Results from the Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability web-conferences will be published quarterly, highlighting and sharing multi-stakeholder best practices, methodologies, and processes, concrete tools and metrics, for effective impact and food for thought along the sustainability roadmap.

About the Organisers

The Club of Rome EU-Chapter (CoR-EU) aims to impact European decision-making in pursuit of the vision of the Club of Rome for more peaceful and sustainable societies that respect Planetary Limits. The CoR-EU is an independent non-profit association, registered under Belgian law, affiliated with the Club of Rome.

Member-led industry association established in 1966 under the auspices of the OECDEIRMA is the preferred cross-industry network and place for important R&D subject matters. It is the European open ex-change of best practices in research, development and innovation for a sustainable world. EIRMA is a central enabler of connections and influence among leading European industries, EU policy makers, major European initiatives and EU and international alliances. EIRMA influences the R&D ecosystem in Europe. Its mission is to make European R&D and Innovation centres lead in generating sustainability solutions for the Economic, Societal and Business Challenges of the future. EIRMA activities are open to non-European corporations that have R&D activity and interest in Europe.

Junior Enterprises Europe is an umbrella organization that represents more than 33,000 students coming from 368 student-run businesses, also known as Junior Enterprises, from 16 European countries. A cumulative turnover of €16m per year, coming from over 4,400 consulting projects, showcases the proactivity of the Network that benefits students, universities, SMEs and other stakeholders, thus leaving a significant impact on the local and international business world. Following the motto “learning-by-doing”, our Network bridges the gap between academia and the business environment. As an organisation, we are focusing on using our concept and building partnerships to reach Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, empowering students to generate a relevant impact. 


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