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A new initiative for the members!

The CoR-EU Conversation Tables

With a view to stimulating cross-fertilisation of thoughts, knowledge and expertise among the members of the Club of Rome EU-Chapter, the Board of directors launched monthly conversation tables over a topical issue.

These tables are taking place over lunch from 12:30 to 14:30 every first Wednesday of the month at the congress centre Amazone, rue du Méridien 10 Middaglijnstraat, 1210 Brussels. See Metro 2 or 6: Madou. Bus 65 + 66 Quetelet.

Participation is for Full & Associate members only and is limited to a maximum of 12 to 15 participants in order to facilitate dialogue. Registrations are on the basis of “first come, first served”. Participants pay 20 € on the spot for their meal and drinks.

Invitations are mailed to all members one or two weeks beforehand, together with a short introductory note on the subject. Members are invited to submit conversation subjects for future meetings to the Executive Committee, c.o. secretary at

Past tables

Wednesday 3 February:
“VEER-UP – Values for Earth Ecosystems & Resilience –Uniting People”
Facilitator: Dr. Anne Snick, Member of the Board

Wednesday 2 March:
“ What value can the CoR-EU add to the debate of the Sustainable Development Goals?”
Facilitator: Martina Bianchini, Member of the Board

Wednesday 5 April:
“ The Quest for Values: spirituality in a shifting paradigm.”
Facilitator: Guido-Henri De Couvreur, Vice-President

Wednesday 4 May:
“The Man-Nature Relationship and Environmental Ethics”
Facilitator: Prof. em. Philippe Bourdeau, PhD, Full member

Wednesday 8 June:
“L’Europe: un phare d’humanisme pacifiant?”
Facilitator : Dr. Jean-Philippe Cornélis, Full member

Wednesday 6 July :
“Staying Human”
Facilitator : Alain Ruche, Full Member

Planned tables

Wednesday 7 September:
“From Faith to Fate”
Facilitator: Dr. Marc van der Erve, Full member

Wednesday 5 October :
«Basculement générationnel dans nos sociétés »
Facilitator : Patrick Corsi, Full member